Solar EPC


Engineering, Procurement and Construction

We ACENTON propose integrated or joined ground mounted or rooftop solar power project detail design and development, Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) activities and solar power plants Operation and Maintenance services without involving any third party vendors or contractors. Our solar power plant Installation and commissioning process certifies that the project owner’s requirements. The solar power plant installation is complete with all kind of safety requirements from grid (Electricity Department).

Site Selection

Suitable site selection is important component of developing feasible solar power project. The main constraints need to be checked during site selection.

  • Solar Radiation
  • Local Climate
  • Available Area and Land use
  • Topography, Geotechnical
  • Accessibility
  • Grid connection
  • Module soiling
  • Water availability
Design Engineering and Construction

Detail design Engineering and Documentation stage allows starting construction of solar power plant; we will prepare following documentation before construction.

  • Project schedule and scope of Matrix documentation.
  • Solar plant Installation and Commissioning plans
  • Detailed Plant layout design including Single line diagram.
  • Detailed civil design (buildings, foundation, PV Array structure, access roads).
  • Electrical detailed design; MV and LV switchgear wiring diagram.
  • Revised energy yield, Protection relay systems general alignments.
  • Construction plans for Panel Mounting, Substation, and PV Rooms & Control Room.
  • Interconnection systems and design documents.
Project Report and Procurement

The main output of the project development or design engineering and construction is project detail report. This report will used to secure finance from any banks or investors. The details of project reports as given below.

  • Site or filed layout (showing the location of PV modules, inverters, Transformers and buildings / PV Rooms / Control Room).
  • Mounting frame and module layout.
  • Inverter room or PV Room locations and foundations.
  • Schematics or wiring diagram of module connections through to the inverter.
  • Plant Single line diagrams (SLD) showing estimated cable routes.
  • Grid connection and potential substation requirements.
  • Bill of materials for major equipment.
  • Losses assumed with regard to the energy yield forecast.
  • Financial model inputs including; Long term O&M costs and contingencies.
  • Availability assumptions.
  • Degradation of module performance assumptions.
  • Spare parts inventory cost / checking that cable connections are firm.
  • Checking inverter cabling for conformity to schematic diagrams.
  • Land Lease contract.
  • EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment).
  • Grid Connection Contract.
  • Power Purchase Agreement.
  • Local and/or regional planning authority.
  • Environmental agencies/departments.
  • Archaeological agencies/departments (If any).
  • Civil aviation authorities (if located near an airport).
  • Local communities.
  • Health and safety agencies/departments.
  • Electricity utilities.
  • Military authorities.
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