Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation PLC & Scada Monitoring Solutions

We offer products & solutions in Industry & government sector with specialization in Wireless data Communication, PLC, SCADA, DCS, Telemetry, Interface/Signal conversion, Fiber, Security solution, and many more for different segment and complete range of cutting-edge automation & communication technologies with Suitable product lines (ABB, Honeywell, Siemens, Phoenix and Rockwell) and professional approach will guarantee the most affordable cost to every requirement.

We are a complete solution provider in the field of Industrial Automation, Instrumentation and Electrical.

Following are the key Industrial segments, where we are providing our PLC and SCADA Monitoring solutions and products from last few years;

  • Power Plants (Thermal, Hydro)
  • Solar Power Plant Scada Monitoring
  • Building Automation (Security System, PA / FA System)
  • Sugar Industry (Sugarcane, Beetroot).
  • Dairy Plants.
  • Cement (Grinding Units, Conveyor Systems).
  • Metals (Rolling Mills, Furnaces).
  • Petrochemical and Chemical Industry.
  • Oil and Gas Industry.
  • Water (STP, WTP Off-take, Distribution).

We provide comprehensive engineering solutions for various applications in Sugar & Distillery Processing Lines. We have commissioned a complete PLC and DCS system based on ABB SCADA, covering all sections of sugar refining process including Filtration, Decolonization, Batch Pan Control and Product handling.

Our Services Industrial Automation

We offer the following range of services in Industrial Automation

  • Study the process and customer requirement.
  • Design & Engineering of Electrical & Automation system.
  • Selection of PLC, AC/DC Drives and other components.
  • Development of PLC software Logic.
  • Design the Control Panel Integration of the system.
  • Installation and commissioning at customer premises.
  • Training to customer Engineers/Technicians.

We offer Power plant Automation solutions for both conventional Power Plants like Thermal Power plants as well as non-conventional Power plants like Solar, Wind Power, Hydel Power as well as Bio Diesel plants. The Power portfolio includes variety of applications like,

  • Power Generation including Boiler Automation.
  • Coal Handling Plant, Ash Handling plant.
  • Complete Instrumentation package for Power plant.
  • Solar Power Plant Automation.
  • Substation Automation.
  • Energy Management Solutions.
  • Power Distribution.
Combined solutions for Water Treatment Plants

Acenton can provide electro-mechanical, automation and instrumentation solutions including large capacity pumps, Valves, motor starting equipment, drives, breaker panels, electrical systems and components, substations system integration, instrumentation, control and monitoring equipment, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) solution under one roof.

Water management project applications such as Pumping Stations, Water Treatment Plants, Desalination Plants, Distribution Networks and Irrigation Schemes are some examples where Phoenix Contact can play a major role in optimization and efficiency enhancement.

Pumping Station

We offers a complete range of motors, drives, control switchgear and instrumentation for pumping stations, urban water distribution, industrial water plants, sewage and water treatment plants, desalination plants and irrigation systems. We can also source large capacity pumps for these projects.

Water and Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

Waste water treatment plants in major cities across the world have benefited from Phoenix Contact's advanced technologies including drives, motors, instrumentation and electrical distribution solutions.

Urban Water Distribution System

Acenton has a wide range of offering for urban water distribution and serves many such installations with solutions that help manage the network. This includes technologies such as SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), water leakage management, Asset Management and Bill Generation.

Desalination Plants

We offers complete water management solutions for seawater desalination plants. Among its several global installations Acenton has supplied drives and automation solutions for some of the world’s largest desalination plants serving industrial estates and homes.