Solar Scada-Monitoring

Solar Power Plant Scada Monitoring Solutions

Acenton provides integrated monitoring, control, and management of your solar power plant energy generation as well as solar power plant performance.

A Solar Power plant SCADA Monitoring system is necessary for a commercial solar system. It has following functions

  • Track your solar system work in best performance. Guarantees the continuity and optimal efficiency of the plant over time
  • Reduces the risk of revenue loss due to system malfunction.
  • Prevents service failures, anticipate the need for technical assistance and reduce restoration time of the plant in the event of failure or malfunction.
Scada Monitoring Solution
  • Wireless and Wired Scada Systems for Local Solar Plant Operations.
  • Wireless Solution for String Combiner Box – Inverter Room – MCR.
  • Central Monitoring System Dashboard for Solar PV Plants (CMS).
  • Remote monitoring system for rooftop solar plants (RMS) .
  • Single Window Automation solution for Entire solar plants.
  • Access from Anywhere.
  • Wind Substation remote Monitoring.
  • Solar Operated Mobile towers / Telecom Tower remote monitoring.
  • Solar Power Plant Operation and Maintenance.
  • Virtual Design Construction & Detail Engineering.
  • Electrical and Marshalling Panel Wiring Development.
Solar Power Plant Scada Features

Monitor, manage and control your facilities, and simplify day-to-day operations, with the most user-friendly solar monitoring system in the market.

Gain additional control of your enterprise with embedded software modules. Monitor measure and optimize your solar plant units of energy generation, energy consumed in night, alarms and gain insights through a single view

  • Ensure Electrical network health of solar power plant.
  • Increase power quality awareness.
  • Improve energy Accountability.

Monitor and manage your entire solar plant performance on one network across your enterprise. ACENTON Provides solutions for Solar Plant Monitoring and allows data from multiple devices throughout a Solar power plant to be collected, analysed, and managed – turning system data at the automation level into valuable business information at the management level.

  • Extensive: Graphics library enables users to create visually appearing schematics without the added expense of graphics design.
  • Versatile: Scalable vector graphics high-quality in all sizes and on all devices - for graphics & trend charts.
  • Simple: Create, modify, or update graphical elements quickly and easily.
  • Intuitive: Graphics can change color indicating temperature variation and/or real time alarm and Event status.

Acenton provides a high-level overview of the system with key plant performance indicators including instantaneous generation, irradiance and daily power generation. Inverter information is also displayed in order to aid in maintenance and troubleshooting activities. Operators can easily compare inverter performance and can easily identify inverter faults at a glance


When string level monitoring is implemented, the String combiner Box detail allows for string level instantaneous and historical output performance analysis. A graphical comparative analysis and individual string alarms make it easy to identify low string performance or degradation issues. A pull-down menu makes it easy for the user to navigate to other inverters and combiner boxes.


Selecting one of the inverters from the plant overview dashboard display calls up a more detailed view of the inverter data, allowing users to monitor performance and output, including feed and output voltage and currents. Faults specific to the inverter are displayed in the alarm banner at the above of the inverter detail display.


This alarm display summarizes all historical alarms and allows the user to acknowledge alarms as they occur in real-time. The user can quickly view the alarms over the last hour, day, week or month. Alarms can be acknowledged from this screen or from a remote smartphone so that faults can be identified if the plant is unattended by an operator.